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Vintage Certification Roster MCACN Show


Vintage Certification Participants                Level Awarded               Owner

1968 Chevelle                                               Time Capsule              Robert Schumacher
1970 LS6 Chevelle                                        Legend                        Charles Lillard
1961 Corvette                                                Legend                        John Keane
1966 Corvette                                                Legend                        Larry Sachs
1968 Camaro Z28                                         Legend                        Dave Beem
1969 RS/SS Camaro                                    Heritage                       Mark Bulaw
1968 RS/SS Camaro                                     Legacy                        Jim McGreal
1971 Cutlass Convertible                              Legend                        Dave Belk
1971442 W30 Convertible                            Reference                    Bail Beck III
1969 Grand Prix SJ                                       Legend                        Scott Mancini
1967 Belvedeere                                           Reference                    Frank Karabetsos
1970 Buick GS Stage 1                                 Legend                         Harry Snow


Vintage Certification Participants                Level Awarded               Owner
1969 GTX Hemi                                                    Legend                  Jim Bodanis

1970 Superbird 440-6                                           Legacy                   Lowell & Ryan McAdam
1970 Superbird 440                                              Legacy                   Ryan Clough
1971 Hemi Cuda                                                   Legacy                   Tor & Lars Skroder

1968 GTO Ram Air                                               Heritage                 Scott Allen               
1971 GTO Judge Convertible-(last Judge)           Legend                   Brothers Collection           
1973 Pontiac Formula SD                                     Time Capsule        Stephen Segal
1973 Trans Am                                                      Legacy                   Bob Bennett
1973 Formula 455                                                 Legend                   Christian McCarter


1967 Olds 442                                                       Legend                   Tracey Schuetz
1971 Olds W30                                                      Legend                   Basil & Trey Beck 

1968 RS/SS 396                                                    Heritage                  Vaughn Bright                 
1968 SS 7k miles                                                   Legend                    Roy Sinor
1969 Z28                                                                Legend                    Jim Bodanis
1971 Z28                                                                Legacy                    Tony Douso





Vintage Certification Participants                      Level Awarded               Owner

1963 Corvette Coupe                                                  Heritage                   J .R. Amantea  & Larry Sachs                 

1965 Impala L78- Orig Owner                                     Heritage                   Dennis Sherman    

1966 GTO Tri-Power                                                   Legacy                     Joel Elmer

1966 GTO                                                                    Legacy                     Rob Sitts 

1966 Shelby                                                                 Reference                Larry Ballard

1968 Z28                                                                      Heritage                   Daniel Cannuli 

1969 Z28                                                                      Time Capsule          Skip Lecates   

1969 Super Bee Hemi                                                  Heritage                   Richard Heidbreder  

1969 GTO Judge                                                          Legend                    Mike Burkholder  

1970 LS6 Chevelle                                                       Legend                    Dave Beem 

1970 Superbird                                                             Legend                    Jim Bodanis

1970 AAR Cuda                                                            Reference               Rob Orr  

1972 GTO-Orig Owner                                                  Legacy                    Bill Nawrot  

1972 Trans Am                                                              Legend                   Greg San Marco

1976 Trans Am                                                              Time Capsule         Doug Mercer


Vintage Heritage Collection:  (Display Only)


1972 Lemans 455HO

1965 GTO

1971 Charger RT

1970 Hemi Charger

1969 Camaro L78 Conv

1970 Chevelle SS LS5

1970 Olds 442 Convert



2014 Vintage Certifications:
1966 Chevelle SS L78 White
1966 Chevelle SS L78 Black
1966 Chevelle SS L35 Black
1978 Pace Car L82
1970 Olds W30 automatic
1970 Olds W30 4 Spd
1969 Z28
1963 Impala
1969 Nova L78
1974 Camaro Z/28 LT
1971 Cuda 440 six pack
1970 Hemi Cuda 19k miles
1970 AAR Cuda
1971 Corvette
1967 Indy Pace Car (actual track car)

2014 Heritage Display:
1971 Chevelle SS
1967 Chevelle SS with fact 488's
1969 COPO Chevelle
1963 Impala with 11 miles
1967 L35 Pace Car
1969 RS/Z28


Our program fills up quickly, this is due to the 3-4 hr exhaustive examination process. It is recommended that you apply for entry ASAP because it seems it's never too early. For those wanting to just display their unrestored vehicle join our Heritage Display. This area is exclusive to unrestored cars and again is display only. A great area for like minded owners to meet and discuss their cars and share their knowledge.

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